AS YOU ARE | Sunglasses in Onyx

AS YOU ARE | Sunglasses in Onyx

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Flexible & Fracture-Resistant — Don’t panic if you drop your frames or stuff them in your bag — we use a special type of flexible, engineering-grade plastic.

Secure & Comfortable — They’re lightweight, with hinges that hug you just right and don’t loosen over time. No more headaches or weird marks.

Premium Lenses — All of our eyewear comes with the highest quality lenses. These lenses include scratch resistant, anti-reflective, and 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Blu-Bloq Lenses — Our Blu-Bloq lenses filter out 98% of the blue light emitted by your computer, tablet and smartphone, reducing eyestrain and headaches. These lenses look just like any other clear lenses you see.

Polarized Sunglasses — Every pair of our sunglasses include polarized lenses, providing superior glare protection, keeping your eyes safe. Each pair are made-to-order, so there’s no backstock piling up and no wasted materials.