AS YOU ARE | Auburn

AS YOU ARE | Auburn

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Flexible & Fracture-Resistant — Don’t panic if you drop your frames or stuff them in your bag — we use a special type of flexible, engineering-grade plastic.

Secure & Comfortable — They’re lightweight, with hinges that hug you just right and don’t loosen over time. No more headaches or weird marks.

Premium Lenses—All of our eyewear comes with the highest quality lenses. These lenses include scratch resistant, anti-reflective, and 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Blu-Bloq Lenses—Our Blu-Bloq lenses filter out 98% of the blue light emitted by your computer, tablet and smartphone, reducing eyestrain and headaches. These lenses look just like any other clear lenses you see.Each pair are made-to-order, so there’s no backstock piling up and no wasted materials.